Being Rich on Death Row

If you’re wealthy and you find yourself on death row, it’s a pretty good situation. You get gourmet food, a luxury bed, and all the satellite TV you want. Hold […]

A Theology of Guns

Whether you love guns or hate them, I’m about to disappoint you. Guns are my assigned topic this week, but I can’t take a righteous stand for or against. To […]

Love a Muslim Today

In a 2015 survey, most Americans (83 percent) said they knew little or nothing about the religious practices and beliefs of Muslims. And yet nearly half said, “the values of […]

Is Homosexuality A Sin?

Some Christians call homosexuality an abomination, so let’s talk about that. Turning to the Bible, Proverbs 6:16-19 is perfect for this occasion: There are six things that the Lord hates, […]

The United States of Humanity

What country pops into your head when you think of the cruelest citizens? If you define cruel citizens as those who support subjecting other people – for no good reason […]

A Not So Gentlemanly Agreement

If everyone currently housed in U.S. jails and prisons were incarcerated together in a single facility, it would tie Houston as the fourth largest city in the country. The United […]

Interplanetary Proselytizing

The recent discovery of Proxima B, a neighboring planet with the right attributes to support life, has some Christians asking a burning question: If aliens are out there, should we […]

Guilty Until Proven Wealthy

The Chicago Tribune headline read: “Willie Wilson bails out inmates charged with misdemeanors in bid for reform,” but one commenter suggested a different headline: “Willie Wilson unleashes criminals back into […]

Rev. X Takes Care of His Own

The obscure story of an 89-year-old paleta vendor named Fidencio Sanchez melted hearts around the world last week. For 23 years, Mr. Sanchez has earned a living pushing a cart […]